Hi, I’m Heather! I’m seventeen and live in Glasgow. I’m vegan (check out this post to learn why) and absolutely love taking photos of pretty much everything: food, flowers, buildings, family and friends, sunsets... 


I’m a major nerd (maths and the sciences are my favourites) and am currently studying for my Advanced Highers while waiting to hear back from universities about my UCAS application. Music plays a huge part in my life - I’ve played the oboe since I was eight and listen to music at almost every opportunity (here are some of my different playlists). I’m a lover of fitness too and enjoy walking, running, workouts and dancing. 


Hefafa.me.uk is a collection of lots of little pieces of me - kind of like a jigsaw puzzle of my life. To get a better idea of what my blog is all about, here are a few of my favourite posts...

Any feedback is much appreciated - I’m always looking for ways to improve or ideas for different posts etc. Just contact me using the social links below, or fill out a form on the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!


Heather xoxo