18 Simple Ways to De-Stress

Oh hooray, it’s March! Typically a stressful month at school filled with lots of deadlines, tests, finishing courses, revision, assignments, events… the list goes on.

As I mentioned last month, remembering to relax is so important when balancing school work with the rest of your life - we all need time off to chill out a little and de-stress. So I’ve compiled a list of what I believe to be some of the best ways to de-stress, in an attempt to encourage you to take time off (and switch off your phone too!):

  1. get creative - draw, scribble, doodle, decorate your bullet journal

  2. cook a comforting dinner

  3. or don’t cook - treat yourself to a takeaway instead

  4. dance - Just Dance is my favourite for this!

  5. have a long soak in a bath (with bath bombs if possible!)

  6. listen to music, whatever makes you feel good

  7. read a book for fun - something non-academic

  8. have quality time with family and/or friends

  9. visit a cute and cosy cafe (and get some much-deserved coffee and cake!)

  10. go out on a walk (through somewhere with lots of trees if possible)

  11. take photos (of literally anything you see)

  12. stretch out doing yoga

  13. bake cakes, cookies, brownies…

  14. eat said cakes, cookies and brownies

  15. or surprise a friend with a little food delivery - what could be better than cake, cookies and brownies and good company?!

  16. go to the gym

  17. file away all of your old work (this probably only works if you’re organisation obsessed like me!)

  18. sleep…

There are far more methods to de-stress than those mentioned here - different things suit different people and so it’d be impossible to list them all. The priority is finding what works for you - it’s so important to take time off to de-stress and look after yourself. I hope you feel more inspired by some of these suggestions and I’d love to hear of any other ways to de-stress that you may have too.

Enjoy relaxing!