A Beginner’s Guide to Bullet Journalling

The bullet journalling trend has blown up in recent years. I jumped on the bandwagon last August but only really started to get creative with my new journal for 2019 (thanks to my mum for the perfect colour choice!). Decorating with washi tape, postcards, stickers and magazine cutouts has been time-consuming but so much fun.

What is a bullet journal?

All bullet journals are unique, but could in general be described as a completely customisable diary/planner/tracker. They’re the perfect place to combine calendar events, to-do lists, life trackers, goals, plans, doodles… pretty much anything you like! Bullet journals can be as simple or creative as you choose - the important thing is to find a style that works for you.

Why should I use one?

The freedom to completely personalise your bullet journal makes it one of the best ways to plan, organise and reflect on your life. They are brilliant for keeping track of anything and everything that comes into your head - I like to think of mine as a productive scrapbook!

What do I need to get started?

There are very few requirements - all you need is a notebook (dotted pages are the typical choice but it’s up to you) and a pen. Other popular accessories include:

  • washi tape

  • stickers

  • highlighters

  • photos (I cut out my images from old New Scientist magazines)

  • stencils or templates

  • sticky note

In summary, bullet journals are brilliant. They are a great place to channel your creativity into something which helps you to stay organised too. Most of all, the reflective element helps you to identify good habits, build on these and motivates you to maintain them. I’d definitely recommend starting one - they are the most personalised planner you’ll ever find and loads of fun too! It’s amazing how many things you can learn about yourself through the simple act of bullet journalling.