Colour Coordination is Key

I love using colour. If you’ve read my About page, you’ll know that I describe myself as a “colour coordinating numbers nerd” and I quite frankly believe it’s true. I use colour to the extent that highlighters are now my trademark at school and at home my family don’t let me hear the end of it! But my system for using highlighters helps me hugely when studying and staying organised, so here’s a little insight into how I do it. Give it a go if you fancy…

I have more highlighters than I can count on my fingers, but I actually use only three colours on a regular basis. Green, pink and orange are my colours of choice, although you can use any that you like! Here’s how the system works:


My green highlighter is used for the big important stuff: headings, useful details in questions and marking which questions I have or haven’t answered for when revising later.

Pink denotes key information: definitions, formulae, final answers to questions and any important words or phrases.

Finally, I use orange for any other potentially helpful information: anything that’s more important than the general text (but not vital to remember), or when highlighting important stages in the working for my final answer.


And that’s it! To complement my use of highlighters, if I’m making any annotations I try using a brightly coloured pen (purple and light blue are my colours of choice) so that it easily stands out from the black text.

Furthermore, I file away questions and booklets from each subject into separate folders for ease of access, and also keep a separate notebook for each when revising at home. It seems like a lot of paper, but makes it much easier to have all of the relevant information in a single place.

Writing the date next to each segment of work I do helps me too - I think it’s really beneficial for final revision at the end of the year. It means you can instantly see how long it’s been since studying each section, making planning what to do next so much easier.

Here’s hoping you’ve found this a useful mini insight into my colour coordination techniques and I’d love to know if you have any further tips. Please give me your feedback if you give any of my methods a go too - I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts.

Happy highlighting!