Pillow Jackets: the Key to Surviving Winter

I’m a summer person. I love the long, warm, sunny days (not that we get many in Glasgow!). It’s the dream weather for me. Not quite so much my cup of tea are the cold, dark and wet winter days spanning from the start of December until the end of February - if not longer... Tiring, boring months spent hiding inside in my slippers under five jumpers and freezing after two minutes outside.

Until I got a pillow jacket…

When visiting Sheffield in November, I may have made the slight error of forgetting to pack any form of jacket… So when shopping in Meadowhall, it was impossible to resist the cute and cosy green pillow jacket in Urban Outfitters (thanks to my dad for buying!). I have worn it non-stop ever since.

As someone who gets very cold very easily, this pillow jacket has been revolutionary. I’m rarely seen without it and am finally able to enjoy beautiful frosty winter walks without the fear of turning into an icicle.

Somehow it’s even warmer than my dressing gown (or should I say housecoat if you’re one of those people) - I didn’t even think that was possible! In addition, it has two huge pockets (better than any gloves I’ve ever owned). It’s just like being wrapped up in a duvet.

So in summary: if you’re feeling cold outside, buy a pillow jacket! It’s been a lifesaver for me this winter - wearable both outdoors and in. They quite literally can double up as a pillow too and are undoubtedly worth every single penny.