Positive Vibes Only

Exams begin in less than two months - we are now very much into the “make or break” phase of the year. So rather than focusing on the impending stress, the deadlines, the exhaustion, here’s a reminder of all of the reasons you have to stay positive in this final stretch.

Spring is nearly here - cherry blossoms are blooming and the temperature is rising.

There’s still plenty of time to make a change - it’s amazing how much you can improve in a few weeks of hard work.

We’re all in this together - even if I’ll be forever disappointed that high school bears no resemblance to High School Musical…

In three months you’ll be done - no more exams (for a while…)!

And as soon as exams are over it’s summer time (by far my favourite season!).

Hopefully you have a few days (or maybe even a few weeks?) to detox before returning to school after your last exam.

Think of all of the naps and long lies you can have after your final exam…

And summer holidays will be just around the corner too (or already here for those of us in S6!).

Regardless of what the results are in August, your exams do not define you - read this brilliant article by Alex over at The Hippy Chickpea to learn why.

The point is: stay positive. It’s a busy and stressful time of year, but you are not alone and it will be over soon. We’ve all worked hard for months and months to try to reach our goals - all that is left is that final little push to hit the finish line. Believe in yourself, you deserve to succeed.

And regardless of how the exams go, life moves on. There are so many other things to look forward to, to be excited about. So stay positive, stay motivated. You’re nearly there.