Remember to Relax

Prelims (aka mocks in England) are finally done and results are coming in. I’m guessing there are a lot of mixed feelings about results - delighted, relieved, indifferent, disappointed, surprised?

Regardless of how you’ve performed, it’s important to remember that these grades are not your final result - they have no affect on what comes through the post in August. With a couple of months until final exams, there’s plenty of time to change, improve or maintain your grade.

But figuring out your next steps can be stressful, draining and exhausting. It can feel like there’s a mountain of work to do - and there may very well be. Teachers quite like to pile on the deadlines in March!

My advice is to pace yourself - try to break tasks down into smaller, more manageable chunks. But amongst that all, it is crucial to remember to relax.

Planning for breaks is just as important as actually studying. Instead of cramming your schedule with every subject, give yourself time off to zone out, recharge, sleep, see friends, watch Netflix, go to the gym… Whether it’s morning, night or somewhere in the middle, you need a little daily relaxation time.

Save your energy for smashing those final exams. And why wouldn’t you want a bit of free time anyway?!

So even though exams are pending, please don’t forget to take a break and enjoy yourself. Do things that make you happy. Have fun. You’ll feel the benefits - and your grades should do too.

I’m working on a few exam-based blog posts and so if you have any special requests then please get in touch. In the meantime, check out my archived Top 10 Tips for Exams post if you’re looking for some extra help. Good luck!