A Mini Photoshoot with Mia & Freja

Monday was such a good day! I met up with my friends Mia and Freja (having not seen them in months until Friday) for a shopping trip in the centre of Glasgow!


We met up pretty early in the morning and did a bit of "shopping", or should I say "tried on loads of clothes and bought absolutely nothing”! Then came lunch at Bar Burrito, one of my favourite food places EVER!…

Mia's accidental super burrito, Freja's dos tacos and my naked burrito - yum!

The best bit of the day though was 100% our random and completely spontaneous photoshoot around town after lunch! None of us could really be bothered with more shopping, so instead we explored the centre of town with a goal of taking as many photos as possible! Silly, serious, natural, funny, crazy… we just completely went for it. We visited George Square, Royal Exchange Square, Princes Square and the Lighthouse to have a bit of variety in the photos (and a bit of fun exploring the places too!).

spiralling stairs up to the top of the Lighthouse

Finally, after sorting through 750 photos (yes, I repeat, 750 photos!) I’ve finally managed to narrow them down and edit my favourites. I took all of the ones I’m not in and Mia and Freja did the others. I’ll let you decide what you think, but I personally love the photos and I think the three of us worked so well as a team! We had so much fun taking them that we pretty much forgot about everyone else in town, so it’s quite funny seeing people’s reactions in the background of some of the photos! Enjoy!


George Square

Mia posing with one of the lions in George Square
here's me appreciating the view of George Square, fixing my hair and listening to the bagpipes
Freja in the gardens at George Square with People Make Glasgow in the background
Mia randomly lounged on a bench because she wasn't tall enough to climb on top of the statue...
Mia in her rockstar pose at George square
I gave Mia a little piggyback (fun fun!)
me and Freja posing next to some pretty flowers with George Square in the background

Royal Exchange Square

because you have to take pretty pictures when there are steps in the sun
here we are hiding behind pillars: I look terrified and Mia looks, well, Mia looks like Mia...?!
Freja smiling (yes this is actually a not too crazy photo!) with the bikes
capturing the dance routine to Little Mix's song  Salute  with the Duke with a cone on his head in the background
Freja lowkey fixing her hair in between the bikes
completely candid conversation between me and Mia
there was a space in between two bikes so of course Mia posed here...

Princes Square

a classy pose from Mia on one of the balconies in Princes Square
I was having too much fun to keep a straight face here...
I'm pointing, Mia is shooting me and Freja is judging the sky
this is probably my favourite picture of Mia - I love the drama!!
the sisters enjoying the stunning view
here I am soulfully looking out over the city of Glasgow
Freja looking out into the distance at all of the buildings

Which photo(s) do you like best?

Have you visited any of the places mentioned?

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