A Trip to Perth


A couple of days ago I had a lovely little family trip to Perth to see my Granny. With the chaos of day-to-day life I haven’t been able to visit since the Easter holidays, so it was really nice to be back there for a short stay. Perth has played such a huge part in my childhood - I have so many fond memories of visiting to stay with my grandparents, so I always enjoy visiting when I have the chance.


The drive through was horrendous to begin with (we were stuck in rush hour in the middle of Glasgow, moving about 10 metres in 15 minutes!), but it picked up after not too long and the rest of the journey flew by as I listened to my favourite songs (I’m loving Lonely Together by Avicii (feat. Rita Ora) at the moment) etc..


We all went out for dinner at Kisa’s shortly after arriving. They serve pretty much anything from burgers to pizzas to fish and chips etc. They’ve got a brilliant vegan menu with multiple interesting options for each course, including an intriguing ‘Tropical Curry Pizza’! I opted for this main out of curiosity - although very tasty, it was a bizarre combination of flavours. It was a lot of effort to deal with pizza AND curry sauce AND tropical fruit AND spice at the same time and I did end up feeling a bit queasy at the end (I’m not generally a huge fan of mixing sweet and savoury together). For dessert, I had a fruit salad with lemon sorbet - a perfect cleanser after my main.


tropical curry pizza
me at dinner


The next day we had a relaxed start then headed into town to do a little shopping and go on a walk - that’s one of my favourite things about Perth, that the city is right next to nature making it easy to do a single walk through both! We wandered into a few different shops, picked up food for lunch and some vegan snacks, then grabbed coffees before heading towards the North Inch for a little walk.


my parents having fun skipping for the camera


I had a couple of mini photoshoots with my dad along the way and I’m obsessed with the results - I love all of the autumnal oranges and greens at this time of year! And I don’t know about you, but I personally think my dad is pretty amazing at taking photographs (particularly as he doesn’t use a big camera often either!). One of my favourite things about these pictures is definitely my hair - I hadn’t realised how long it is and I love how all of the different ombré colours show through (check out this post to learn more about my ombré/balayage hairstyle)!


smiling at the tree
smiling at the camera
fixing my hair under a tree
sticking my tongue out at the tree
attempting to win a staring contest against a tree
gazing thoughtfully into the distance
laughing at the camera
staring back at the camera


In addition to my own simple edits, here are a couple of edits one of my friends made to some of the photos. It’s a different style of editing to my own but I really like the different effects - particularly the combo of colour and black and white!


black and white and colour combo
high contrast
high saturation


Shortly after our walk we measure my and my brother James’ heights (it’s been a tradition ever since we were born - my Grandad made a big board and we’ve got loads of dated heights on it). Sadly I haven’t grown at all since Easter (I’m about 5 foot 7.5 inches), but James is now all but 6 foot which makes me feel tiny despite being the older sibling!  


We drove back home to Glasgow not long after measuring. It was a short but sweet trip and it was fun to have a brief family trip and catch up with my Granny. I hope you like all of the photos - let me know which are your favourites!


Have you tried any weird food combinations recently?

Do you have any particular memories of places from your childhood?


A Trip to Perth, hefafa.me.uk, 21st October 2017