A Weekend in Sheffield

I’ve just returned home from a brilliant weekend in Sheffield with my dad and brother. I finally had time to use my camera and it was lovely to briefly be able to relax and chill amongst the chaos of my daily life - I never imagined I could be so busy, so sorry for my recent absence!

Here’s what we got up to…



You probably know one of my favourite things to do when travelling is to discover new vegan places, so I was delighted when my dad found a little place called Tamper only a five minute walk from the hotel. The interior was stunning and the New Zealand style coffee culture was incredible - definitely some of the best coffee I’ve ever had! I opted for the Rejuvenator on day one, and I tried the porridge when we returned the following day. James gave The Big Kiwi a shot, followed by the french toast special on day two, whilst my dad tried the granola. It was all so delicious!

flat white
granola and yoghurt


view from the Plug

Our main reason for visiting was to see Hybrid in concert. For those who haven’t heard of them, Hybrid are a cinematic electronic band, creating lush and rather unique sounds. Definitely worth a listen - the music is incredibly powerful and they were fantastic live. It was even better being in such a tiny venue called the Plug, ideally located just opposite from our hotel!

Even cooler: as we checked out of the hotel the next day we actually saw them packing up so were able to have a little chat!


Yorkshire Sculpture Park

autumn leaves
boys and a view

On our way back up to Glasgow we stopped by the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, somewhere we often visited when I was younger and lived in Leeds (although I have no memories of it!). The autumnal colours were gorgeous and there were some fascinating sculptures dotted through the park - a tranquil place to visit on a beautiful November day.

autumn trees

And everything else…


In addition to all of that, we explored Sheffield’s centre (including a stop by the water wall opposite the station) and visited Meadowhall Shopping Centre - a hellishly busy place (although it did have some fab shops) which makes Braehead look tiny! We kept our pre-concert dinner simple with a trip to Wagamama, where I had my usual ramen - yum!


So it was a completely wonderful weekend and I’m so glad I finally got a little breather after sending off UCAS applications, studying, sitting exams, plus all of my other extra activities at school.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below - I’d particularly love to hear about your experience if you’ve ever been to Sheffield, or if you’re a Hybrid-lover like me!

Heather xoxo