Black Plisse Trousers

It’s nearly the start of a whole new week filled with actual work at school now that prelim analysis is over (well, apart from English because all of the writing takes ages to mark). I’m delighted with my results so far and almost wish I didn’t have to do the exams all over again (but for real this time) in a couple of months…


Anyway last night I was at a little ceilidh hosted by one of my friends to raise money for his World Challenge Expedition. I finally got around to wearing my black trousers (a present from my parents at Christmas), so I thought I might as well do a little fashion post about my outfit.

black plisse trousers 1
black plisse trousers 2

The trousers are from the brand Light Before Dark in Urban Outfitters (aka my favourite clothes shop ever) and they’re absolutely brilliant. They’re super comfy, cosy without being too warm (making them perfect for winter), made of a beautifully soft material and (brace yourself ladies!) they even have pockets too - what a breakthrough! For £42 they were definitely worth it - I’d totally recommend.

happy smile

Here I’ve paired the trousers with a bright pink lace bralet (you may remember seeing it here before) and my white converse - apologies for the muddy state of them! On any other occasion I’d have opted for heels but given I was in for three hours of dancing I thought the wiser option was probably flats - my feet still hurt by the end of the night anyway!

black plisse trousers 3
black plisse trousers 4

Oh and for a little laugh, here’s a picture of me attempting to spin around in a hope to get a cool hair flick picture (like the ones here and here), although sadly it didn’t work particularly well this time and I may have fallen over…

fashionably falling

Let me know your thoughts on my outfit (particularly the trousers) - I’d love to hear if you have any other ideas for how to style them, I’m always looking for new sources of inspiration. Hope you’ve had a great week!


Heather xoxo