Black & White

Returning to everyday life has certainly been a struggle after the Christmas holiday, particularly given prelims (aka mocks) are pending with the first one (Higher Maths) in less than a week. Four days of early starts, busy days at school and then more revision at home has been a killer and I’m feeling exhausted already - I’m just counting the days until prelims are over (I'm currently at 15 days to go…).


So with not much time on my hands (and a slight lack of inspiration for blog post topics - if you can share any ideas in the comments that would be much appreciated!) I thought I’d collate some of my favourite black and white photos from the last year or two, taken in a wide variety of locations including: Millport, La Gomera, Cambridge, Brittany, Great Rissington and (of course!) Glasgow.

Theatre Royal Glasgow
the Riverside museum
La Gomera
coconut bowls
light shade
Zizzi, Cambridge
twisted branches
coffees and a milkshake
wind turbine
the Lighthouse, Glasgow
tangled branches
vase of fairy lights
Glasgow city centre
rocky beach in Brittany
Glasgow Central Hotel
the hall of faces, Kelvingrove Museum
bicycles at Millport

I’m really pleased with all of the photos (the rocks and light shades are my personal favourites) and I particularly love how how the lack of colour really highlights the different tones and textures in the photos. 


I’d love to hear your thoughts on my style - if you have any tips or constructive criticism on how to improve my technique that’d be fab!


And a little side note - good luck to everyone sitting their prelims in the next couple of weeks. I know it’s a really stressful time of year, but all the best and I hope you get what you’re aiming for.


Heather xoxo

Black & White -