Busy Busy Busy

Wow. My blog has only been running for just over two weeks and it already feels like so much longer. I can’t believe I made my first post only 15 days ago! How time has flown by…

These last couple of weeks have been crammed full of loads of stuff - I don’t remember a time where I’ve ever been this busy before! To break it down for you a little, here’s a list of some of the stuff I’ve been up to:

Medic Insight Day Glasgow

Start of S5 and Highers

black and white new timetable

School of Rock rehearsals

black and white school of rock booklets

Barnardo’s Milngavie Fashion Show with M&Co

black and white soldering

Medic Mentor National Weekend Scotland

Music Summer Concerts (and rehearsals)

black and white oboe on sheet music

And, of course, Blogging!

On top of this I’ve had to catch up with all of the classes I’ve missed - a total of 49 out of 90 periods of S5 so far! There’s been a tonne of homework on top of everything else but I think I’m mostly caught up now (and certainly should be by the end of summer) so it’ll be fine!

I’m just looking forward to being able to fully relax on summer holidays which begin a week today! I’m seeing family, travelling to Spain in July and it’s my birthday over summer too - yay!


Have you been busy as it reaches the end of the school year?

Do you have any exciting plans over summer?