Dancing: The Best Way To Exercise

Dancing has always been something I love, from watching Strictly Come Dancing on TV, to playing Just Dance at home (I have every single edition of the game and have done most of the dances on each version!), to the annual school fashion show, dance movies (you may remember me listing my favourite dance scenes in movies here) and some dance classes too. 


dancing at a wedding when I was one


It’s only been in more recent times that I’ve actually considered dancing more as a great method of exercise and experimented with a few different dance workouts on YouTube (thank you PopSugar Fitness!), all of which I love and find myself enjoying more than most other forms of exercise. So here are a few reasons why I think dancing is such a brilliant way to exercise…


dancing in mom jeans
dancing in a lane


No equipment needed.

The only requirement for dancing is yourself (although I’d definitely recommend having some music too) so it’s super easy to do anytime anywhere. There’s no pressure from a clothing point of view either - you can wear anything you want, I’d just advise making sure you’re relatively comfortable as it’s best to avoid injuring yourself if you’re in sky-high heels!


Cardio workout.

Dancing is a great way to get your heart rate up, but what makes it even better is it’s flexibility to be taken at what ever pace suits you. Whether that’s fast or slow, high or low impact, dancing can be tailored to suit exactly what you want to get out of your workout.


a little dancing in a field when I was three


Anyone can do it.

There’s absolutely no experience or skill required to dance - you can move in any way you want and it still counts as dancing!


Social activity.

If you’re with friends or family then dancing is an absolutely brilliant way to workout a little together, plus it can help you meet new people at clubs, parties or even dance lessons too.


new ombre hair in my back garden
dancing with family at the arcade in Brighton


Improves balance.

A third of the population over the age of 65 fall each year, but a study has been done that suggests that this number could be reduced by dancing as it helps to improve balance.


dancing in my garden
pre-dance show after a year of dance classes prep


Good for your mental health.

Dancing can offer a huge mood boost by stimulating happiness endorphins in your brain. It may also improve your self confidence and it has even been suggested that the practice of learning and memorising different moves may help to reduce memory loss.


Different styles around the world.

One of the main things I love about dance is the seemingly endless variety of styles from all around the world: bollywood, hip-hop, african, salsa, ballet, tap, ballroom, latin american… There are so many options that it seems impossible to ever tire of dancing!


dancing at a family party last year


Builds physical strength.

As well as being a cardiovascular workout, dancing also builds muscular strength through the regular practice of different movements and can also increase flexibility due to the large range of moves.


It’s fun.

Most of all, dancing is such an enjoyable experience (well, for me at least!) compared to many other different forms of exercise, which in turn makes you more motivated to do it again and for increased lengths of time too!


last year's fashion show with my friend Amy


So yes, I absolutely love to dance! I’m by no means a professional or super talented dancer, but I love dancing whenever I can and still shamelessly admit to playing Just Dance relatively often! Dancing is something I’m sure I’ll continue to do all throughout my life and I hope to be able to experiment and improve more in future years.


spinning in circles


I hope I’ve somehow managed to motivate you to dance too - it really is a fantastic activity and it’s definitely worth trying. It doesn’t have to be a formal class or anything (one of my favourite dancing memories is an evening of random dancing with my mum and aunt after watching Dirty Dancing!) but I’d definitely recommend just giving it a go and getting your friends or family involved!


dancing at another wedding when I was eight
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