Family Party Food

Well you’ve already heard about my outfit for my family party last Sunday, so I thought I’d tell you about all of the food we prepped for the event. On our side of the family we all love cooking, so we chose to self-cater and make all of the food ourselves.

I was the only vegan there, so most of the dishes had some form of meat or fish on them. Jenny’s excellent spreadsheets helped us to keep on top of all of the food prep and it definitely seemed to work - everyone loved the food! We managed to eat a surprisingly large amount too, which was great not to have too many leftovers! Anyway, here’s what we served…



A selection of starters for the family party - oatcakes (with hummus or pâté), mini bruschetta, crisps, breadsticks and hummus.

(starting in the top left corner and rotating clockwise) blinis topped with soured cream; salmon and dill; carrot hummus on oatcakes; mini bruschetta topped with mozzarella, red chilli, lemon and basil; Pringles, breadsticks and plain hummus; chicken liver pâté on oatcakes

In our family we tend to call starters “nibbles”! These snacks were on the table for when all of the guests arrived (at about midday) and we somehow managed to devour all of them! The nibbles included:

  • chicken liver pâté on oatcakes
  • blinis topped with soured cream, salmon and dill
  • tuna butter on bread
  • mini bruschetta topped with mozzarella, red chilli, lemon and basil
  • carrot hummus on oatcakes - vegan

Plus some Pringles, breadsticks and plain hummus!



One of the mains for the family party - lemon and turmeric salmon.

lemon and turmeric salmon

Another part of the mains for the family party - green bean and tomato salad.

green bean and tomato salad

And another part of the mains for the family party - asian slaw with a ginger peanut dressing.

asian slaw with a ginger peanut dressing

There were a variety of mains for the party and it was a sort of “help yourself” idea. My uncle, James, had the barbecue going and served sausages and beef burgers for the children.  For adults, we had:

  • lamb and feta burgers (with optional onion relish and brioche buns)
  • turmeric chicken kebabs wrapped in kaffir lime leaves
  • halloumi, pepper and onion kebabs
  • lemon and turmeric salmon
  • guacamole - vegan
  • asian slaw with a ginger peanut dressing - vegan
  • green bean and tomato salad - vegan
  • new potato, sour cream and bacon salad
  • roasted butternut squash and pesto lasagne - vegan 

All of the different recipes worked really well together and it was a delicious combination of a variety of flavours. Thankfully we had enough leftovers to do as dinner later that day!



Uncle James' award winning chocolate brownies.

Uncle James' award winning chocolate brownies

Pavlova topped with fresh berries (a mix of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries) and whipped cream.

pavlova with berries and cream

chocolate avocado cupcakes

Desserts are pretty much everyone’s favourite part of a meal, am I right?! The four we had on offer were:

  • chocolate brownies (a recipe with which Uncle James has won an award for!)
  • pavlova with berries and cream
  • M’hencha
  • chocolate avocado cupcakes - vegan (you’ll likely have seen the recipe here)

Again, everyone really enjoyed the desserts so they were a perfect end to the party food! All of the kids were huge fans of the chocolate cupcakes (the avocado bit was left out when describing to them!). One of the boys, who HATES fruit and veg, even said that they were “the best cakes in the world!”

The party ended about an hour after desserts. It was a great event and everyone seemed to really enjoy it, despite the fact we were missing a few people. I had a brilliant time helping to prep food for the event (major thanks to Jenny for coordinating all of the recipes), but it’s definitely a relief to have it all over and be able to fully relax!

I hope you enjoyed finding out more about the food at my family party - if you would like any of the recipes then just leave a comment or contact me using any of the suggested methods here.


What do you think of all the food we served at the family party?

What food would you serve if you were hosting a party?