Family Party Outfit

As you'll likely have gathered from my last post, I had a family party yesterday. Luckily it seemed to go well! The food was great (I'll do a post on that soon) and everyone really enjoyed the event. I had a load of fun with everyone there and really enjoyed helping to host the event (read my top 10 tips for hosting a party here). 

Anyway, I thought I'd give you a little peek at my outfit for the day! As you probably know from my About Me page, I love shopping for all sorts of things (particularly outfits for parties) and I'm actually renowned for getting a new dress and heels for every family party we have!

family party outfit - holding and smiling at the skirt of my dress
family party outfit - candid shot while I fix my hair
family party outfit - smiling and looking at the camera

The blue floral patterned dress I'm wearing is from Quiz. The material is gorgeous and it has layers of netting underneath to help give it more shape and volume. I absolutely loved wearing this dress and it was really comfortable too! Relatively formal but really summery too with the bright floral pattern!

My heels are from New Look and were absolutely great - I successfully survived 7 hours in them and my feet weren't too painful at the end of it either!

family party outfit - having a bit of fun spinning around in the garden

What are your thoughts on my outfit?