As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, 31 Things That Make Me Happy, flowers always have a way of making me smile. Whether they're hidden in nature or bought as a bouquet, I love the natural beauty of them - so much that I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to flowers! 


I think all types of flowers are gorgeous in their own way, but if I had to pick a top three they’d be:

  • Lilies. These look really pure, delicate and peaceful to me. And they’re totally worth it despite the pollen which stains everything!

  • Sunflowers. Personally I think there’s no better view than a field full of these in summer. I think it’s so beautiful how they all turn to face the sun and their bright yellow petals are so eye-catching too.
  • Tulips. I love all of the different colours they come in! I also have a huge attachment to these as my mum bought me loads of them during my exams - they were a beautiful comfort on my desk whilst studying.


Anyway, over the last couple of years I’ve taken a photo a day (you can see more on my Blipfoto and 500px accounts) and quite a lot of these have been of flowers. I have no clue what half of them are called (I’m really not a botanist!), but I love the pictures so I though I'd share some of my favourites with you!


purple and orange/yellow tulips
cherry blossoms in spring
pink and white faded flowers
pink tulips
giant daisies
daisies growing at Kilmardinny Loch
rainbow rose
purple hydrangea
wild garlic at Kilmardinny Loch
pink petals on a green branch at Cabo de Gata
white lily
pink tulips with pointy green leaves
another flower at Kilmardinny Loch (with gorgeous bokeh!)
purple and white crocuses with raindrops
mini narcissi
red tulips
purple flowers growing in Brittany
tropical red flower in the Cambridge Botanic Gardens
a field of tulips at Glasgow Botanic Gardens
pink tulip in the garden
an orchid (and my first ever photo on manual!)
bouquet of pretty flowers for my Nanny's 70th
red hibiscus in Almería


I hope the photos of flowers made you smile! My favourite photo is the one of the daisies (taken at Kilmardinny Loch at the start of summer) - let me know your favourite in the comments!


What’s your favourite type of flower?


Flowers - Heather Rowland  Just a collection of some really pretty flowers...  Published 30th August 2017