Foodie Highlights: April 2018

Happy May everyone! You’ve probably figured out by now that I’m a total foodie and adore trying different sorts of vegan dishes. I’ve shared lists, mini reviews and all sorts of recipes but that hardly accounts for half of the food I eat, so I thought I’d start a new little series called “foodie highlights” where I share pictures and a little background info about some of the best food I’ve had that month.


To kick off the series, here are my favourite vegan dishes from April…



This restaurant has turned me into a huge lover of ramen with their delicious kare burosu dish. The broth is divine, flavoursome and lightly spiced, and I totally love the thick noodles and the soft tofu. Best. Ramen. Ever!!!

kare burosu ramen at Wagamama

Glasgow Vegan Festival

There were so many stalls at this festival in Glasgow Trade Halls - almost too many to choose from! I opted for an Eastern-style munchie box with coconut veggies, breaded seitan (a little like chicken), peanut tempeh skewers, a bao bun and about five different sauces - it was really, really good!

Eastern-style munchie boxes at Glasgow Vegan Festival

Buddha Bowls

These are such a huge trend at the moment and I finally had the chance to experiment with my own over the holidays. I’m not going to lie, they can be a little tricky to time the assembly of all of the different components together (especially if you’re making them fresh and cooking various elements like I did) but it’s totally worth it. They’re tasty, nourishing and satisfying, and super easy to customise to suit your preferences too.

vegan buddha bowl with broccoli, falafel and couscous
vegan buddha bowl with broccoli, falafel and couscous

Sweet Potato Brownies

I baked this Deliciously Ella recipe for a mini snack when I had a photoshoot with Freja and Mia and, as her brand name does suggest, they truly were delicious. The sweet potato was subtle but added a lovely gooeyness - definitely some of the best vegan brownies I’ve tried so I’d 100% recommend baking these (although if you’ve tried any brilliant vegan brownie recipes then please do let me know as I’m always on the hunt for the best brownies!).

sweet potato brownies


My dad cooked this tasty Korean dish from one of our favourite vegan cookbooks, Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck (if you’ve not heard of Thug Kitchen before then you should definitely check out their website - they describe themselves as “the only website dedicated to verbally abusing you into a healthier diet”!). Anyway, I’d never tried anything quite like this before but absolutely loved the different flavours with the fried tofu.


Picnic Cafe

Last of all, I had a lovely little visit to Picnic Cafe with my mum at the weekend. First off, it’s worth a visit even if just to admire their gorgeous decor (floor-to-ceiling glass windows to allow as much natural light as possible to shine on the most gorgeous pastel-coloured wall). I ordered the pad thai bowl (which had honestly the most divine dressing I’ve ever tasted) and picked up a banana walnut muffin to takeaway. I’ll definitely be returning to try more of their dishes (they even serve vegan waffles too!).

pad thai bowl
banana walnut muffin

So that’s a mini summary of all of my favourite foodie moments from last month! Let me know your thoughts on this new series in the comments, and I’d love to hear what your food highlights were from last month too.


Heather xoxo

Foodie Highlights: April 2018 -