Foodie Highlights: June 2018

Happy July everyone (and a Happy 4th of July to all of my American followers!)! Last month was fab thanks to the amazing weather in Glasgow (well, most of the time at least!), an extra week of summer holidays due to a strike at school, and (most of all) no more exams!


In the absence of studying for exams, I’ve had a little more time to experiment in the kitchen. I’ve tried a tonne of new recipes, plus planned quite a few to try in the future too! So here’s a little look at some of my favourite dishes of last month...

chocolate pasta

chocolate pasta from Hotel Chocolat, topped with vanilla Swedish Glace (aka my all-time favourite ice cream!) and raspberries - it actually tasted pretty good!

passion crush smoothie

a huge passion crush smoothie from Fuel

chocolate orange muffins

chocolate orange muffins by the Wallflower Kitchen (they're so tasty and really healthy too!)

coffee smoothie bowls

a little experiment with coffee smoothie bowls - see my previous post for the recipe

baked sweet postage with humus, pesto and sundried tomatoes

yet another return to Picnic Cafe, where I finally tried their famous baked sweet potato with hummus, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes - soooooo tasty

triple chocolate chip cookies

an adapted Minimalist Baker recipe to make triple chocolate chip cookies (and they're vegan too!)

vegan fajitas

vegan fajitas from Room in Largs with a tonne of delicious spicy salsa

falafel tortilla pizza

probably the easiest lunch I've ever made - check out my recipe for this falafel tortilla pizza here...

the incredible hulk smoothie bowls

extremely green tropical smoothie bowl - one of my new favourites so I'll definitely share the recipe soon...

oaty pancakes with strawberries and a minted maple syrup

oaty pancakes with strawberries and a minted maple syrup

mexican bowls

a new experiment with Mexican bowls and a baked sweet potato - check back soon for the recipe!

happy pineapple day

celebrating pineapple day with two huge pineapples (both of which were eaten very quickly!) - check out this post for 27 random facts about pineapples!

pasta balls with marinara sauce

pasta balls with a marinara sauce from the new BOSH! cookbook - I know it's a terrible photo but these were too delicious not too include!


My ultimate favourites of the month had to be the triple chocolate cookies and the pastaballs with a marinara sauce - apologies for the terrible photos of these particular dishes! For this month’s food adventures I’m really looking forward to trying some Spanish cuisine during my holiday in Barcelona - I’ll definitely be sharing posts all about the trip later this month. I’m loving the holiday so far!


I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on these dishes, and remember to check back soon for my yet-to-be-revealed smoothie bowl and Mexican bowl recipes. Hope you’re having a great week!


Heather xoxo

Foodie Highlights: June 2018