Key Changes

Yayyy - my prelims are finally over! Now I have a few days of complete stress-free relaxation before I’m back to school diving into finishing the courses for my final exams. Let’s just hope my prelim results are good...


Anyway, to celebrate my blissful few days of freedom I thought I’d do a little happy playlist themed around key changes in songs... particularly having not done a playlist post since my Spanish Songs one a few months ago. Finding songs with cheesy key changes is a favourite joke I have with my dad - we always point them out and react accordingly with cringey faces dependent on how awful the key change is. So here are a few of my favourites...


* Just click the album cover or title of each song to be redirected to the song on iTunes.


Let me know in the comments if you can think of any other good songs with ridiculously cheesy key changes! If you have any requests for particular themes of playlists just mention it in the comments (or message me on my contact page) and I’ll be sure to try and come up with something. Have a great weekend!


Heather xoxo

Key Changes -