My 15 Favourite Dance Scenes in Movies

As you probably know from my About Me page I love dancing, so I decided to collate some of my favourite movie dance routines for you! Warning: there are a few spoilers in this post (I don’t think for anything too significant) so apologies if I’ve ruined any movie surprises for you. I hope you enjoy!

Guardians of the Galaxy

The way in which Chris Pratt sings and dances to distract and ultimately prevent the evil guy from DESTROYING THE ENTIRE WORLD is, in my opinion, the most outrageously fantastic idea ever! If only we could use random singing and dancing effectively as distractions in reality (if you’ve managed this successfully I’d love to hear about it!) as it is the most ridiculous yet brilliant scene I’ve ever watched in a superhero movie!



Footloose is such an iconic dancing film with so many great routines to choose from! The dance to Denise Williams’ Let’s Hear It For The Boy is definitely the best, with Kevin Bacon teaching Chris Penn how to dance. The montage of silly dance moves is extremely cheesy yet completely hysterical!

StreetDance 3D

As you can probably tell from the title, this film is all about dancing anyway so it’s full of loads of different dances throughout the movie. My favourite has to be the finale though, as I love the clever fusion of street dance with ballet to create a truly unique and mesmerising routine. The club battle routine is amazing too!


Perhaps one of the most classic love stories, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are such a lovely match in this film. Their dance in the third class section of the boat is so fun and engaging and I love watching a different side to Kate Winslet outwith the first class area. I wish I could move my feet that well!

Wild Child

I think this was the first film I ever watched on Netflix and I replayed it loads of times before they ended up removing the film! All of the plans and dances at the costume party are really cringey (especially when Emma Roberts does her solo!) but this scene always makes me smile - I wish I had that much confidence!

A Knight's Tale

You maybe wouldn’t expect this film to have a great dance in it, but I love Heath Ledger’s improvisation to David Bowie’s Golden Years. The routine is perhaps a bit ridiculous for medieval times, but it always makes me smile!


Although this movie may have been great for it’s time, Flashdance was a bit of a letdown for me (all that really happens is that she gets a boyfriend and auditions for a dance school!), but I must admit that the dancing is phenomenal. It was really hard to choose a favourite dance as they’re all so iconic (particularly Maniac and He’s A Dream), but the audition scene to What A Feeling wins for me!


The dance in this is perhaps more understated yet I find it such a lovely routine to watch. The love story woven into this film is beautiful and I love the way in which Claire Danes (a fallen star) glows brightly as she dances with Charlie Cox who remains oblivious to the fact she is falling for him. Stardust is another of my favourite films as it has a little bit of everything in it - I’d definitely recommend watching if you have a chance!

Pitch Perfect

This entire film is hilarious and crammed full of excellent combinations of acapella and dancing. Although I love the routine for the regionals, the final dance is definitely the best (at least partially due to the brilliant combination of songs). The whole cast (particularly Rebel Wilson) are so entertaining and I find myself watching the film over and over again!

The Mask of Zorro

This is more of an action/adventure film than one focused on dancing, but I find the passionate dance in the film mesmerising to watch. The chemistry between Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones is electrifying and I love watching the intensity and determination with which they dance.

Step Up 2: The Streets

There have now been five Step Up films and although I love Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum in the first, I personally think that the second has the best dances! The sibling club battle with the trampolines is really clever, but again I have to say my favourite is the finale! The routine in the rain has so many different styles packed into it and I love the way they all work together. My favourite group dance ever!

Love Actually

First off, can I just say that given recent politics I would totally vote Hugh Grant as prime minister rather than any of the other options! I relate so much to his little dance routine to Jump around 10 Downing Street - I’m pretty sure I was doing the same around my house when I was baking cupcakes recently!

Dirty Dancing

As mentioned on one of my previous posts, this is probably my all time favourite film. The soundtrack is great and again there are so many amazing routines to choose from! My favourite would have to be the final dance with the most iconic lift though - it makes me want to learn to mambo every time I watch it!

Tropic Thunder

When I first watched this film I didn’t even realise that Tom Cruise was in it until I googled it afterwards as its so different from the action films I’m used to seeing him in. He plays the character so well and his dance to Low (one of my favourite songs) is so awful yet completely hilarious! I’d also advise staying for the end credits as his dancing gets even more ridiculous then!

High School Musical 2

I find the fact that there’s a dance to a song literally called I Don’t Dance hilariously ironic and I laugh every time I watch this scene! This was my favourite film growing up and I have to admit I’m guilty of still listening to the soundtrack every now and then! Work This Out is another great routine from High School Musical 2, in fact I love pretty much every dance in the entire trilogy!

Do you have any favourite dance scenes in movies?