My Favourite Places: Kilmardinny Loch

The weather is pretty horrible today (we’re back to typical Glasgow rain) and I have loads of extra time now that summer holidays have pretty much begun. I thought I’d take this opportunity to start a series about some of my favourite places and hopefully somehow tempt the weather to brighten up again - it is nearly July after all! 

Do you know what I mean when I talk about favourite places? You know those little spaces in the world (natural or man-made) that you just love visiting over and over again?

Well, for me, one of these such places is Kilmardinny Loch, a little pond/lake/loch in my area. I’ve visited here pretty frequently in the last few years and I love being able to wander around here and relax. It’s a wonderful place to take my mind off of the busyness of everyday life (you can read more about what I’ve been up to lately here).

I walk around Kilmardinny Loch at all times of year and I love seeing the changes in the wildlife as the seasons go by. A walk around the loch is only about 800m so it doesn’t take long at all, meaning that you can visit in pretty much any weather conditions! The only thing I would say is that it can get rather muddy when it’s wet (and sadly we do get quite a lot of rain in Glasgow)! The park right next to the loch is a great place to go to at any age too, but can be particularly good for entertaining younger children.

There are swans at Kilmardinny Loch too and they’ve recently had three baby swans. I know baby swans are technically cygnets, but I still prefer to call them swanlets (it sounds so much cuter doesn’t it?!)! I love watching the swans as they are so beautiful and elegant, yet I am slightly wary around them as I can’t get rid of the memory of being bitten by a swan when I was little. Some fears never really fade I guess?

swan and three cygnets on grass and daisies at Kilmardinny Loch

Kilmardinny Loch is somewhere I’ve been loads with family and friends, but I do also enjoy just having a bit of “me time” and wandering around with music and my camera. It’s a brilliant place to escape into my own thoughts and I really enjoy seeing all age groups walk around here with a smile on their face. Just last weekend a tiny toddler waddled up to me and hugged my legs - twice! I’d never met him before and will likely never see him again, but it did definitely make me laugh!

Having visited here so many times, I’ve built up quite a few fond memories of this place including:

  • A mini expedition in the dark with Brownies when I was younger.
  • Running two laps of the loch for a school cross-country race in P7 (we came 2nd). I remember feeling so cool walking there from primary school in our school tracksuits!
  • Wandering around here with family in horrendous weather conditions last Christmas.
  • Seeing the excitement on young children’s faces when they see the Gruffalo.
  • Visiting with different groups of friends over the years.
stunning tree carving of the Gruffalo at Kilmardinny Loch

It really is such a beautiful place and, as you’ve probably gathered, I love it so much… I love the way the sunlight (when it isn’t raining or cloudy which is pretty rare in Glasgow!) reflects on the water. I love the soothing sounds of swans swimming, of birds tweeting, of the leaves on the trees rustling. I even love the feel of the squelchy mud, despite knowing that it’ll likely ruin my trainers.

Killmardinny loch with tree branches and a swan swimming

Overall I just really adore everything about this spot! It’s brilliant for photos with all of the swans and trees and flowers there. Being able to come here to think or just not think at all is just perfect. Kilmardinny is such a gorgeous little piece of nature hidden away in the heart of Bearsden. It’s so exquisite that when you visit it's easy to forget you’re in the middle of the suburbs for a few minutes. It's such a pretty and peaceful little loch and I'm so lucky to have it so local to me.


What are your favourite places?