Ombré or Balayage?


Does anyone really know the difference?

Well, according to Google:

Ombré = A French term meaning "shaded." Usually a multicoloured stripe, with colours graduating from light to dark. The colour effect, generally produced by arranging different tones in the warp.

Balayage = A type of hair highlighting that looks more natural. More colour is added to the end of the hair rather than the root. Originated from France.

Having been inspired by different pictures of ombré and balayage hair styles, I finally dyed my hair someway in-between the two styles at Trilogy, the hair salon I have visited ever since I first moved to Glasgow.



Just arrived for my appointment and I’ve sat down in the chair whilst my hairdresser, Laura, is mixing up my colour for the bleach. I’m so excited yet also in slight shock as it’s finally happening today having been planning it for ages!



I've just seen the colour mix - it's a pale blue which surprised me. I'm now having flashbacks to the film Bride Wars and the moment where Kate Hudson ends up with blue hair at her hair appointment! I really hope that won't happen to me...



Almost an hour and a half later and my colour is finally all on. My head is completely surrounded by foil and half of my hair has been backcombed to protect the roots - I look like a lunatic!! I've now got to wait for about half an hour under a heater so that the colour has time to fully develop. I’ve still not fully processed the fact that I’m actually having my hair dyed!

selfie with hair foils in the hairdresser mirror


The colour and foil have been removed and my hair is now being washed and treated. I've just had a purple blueberry shampoo applied which is being left to set for a couple of minutes. Supposedly it is meant to help to neutralise any warm tones and ensure that the colour turns out well? I'm so confused with all of the new hair terms and processes that I'm learning today!



My hair has now been completely washed and treated, so only a little wait to go until we get cutting and styling! From what I can see (which is very little as Laura is trying to keep it a surprise!) the colour looks really dramatic and so I have a slight fear that it’s going to be really over the top. I guess only time will tell…



And that's me finished and out of the hair salon! Wow. I don’t think I was expecting to spend four hours getting my hair dyed but I'm absolutely thrilled with the result. My hair was trimmed and a few layers were added too to help the different colours blend together better. Laura then blow dried and loosely curled my hair to really show off the new colour.


Although my end result isn't necessarily what I expected, I love it and it appeals to me more and more every day. I had a shock the next morning when I looked in the mirror, having temporarily forgotten about my new hair! I’m really proud of myself to have tried something completely new with my hair as I’ve never had it dyed before. Thank you Laura! I still don’t know whether it’s ombré or balayage but whatever it is, I would definitely recommend it!


So what’s your verdict - ombré, balayage or a little bit of both?

Have you dyed your hair? If so, what was your experience like?