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Oh my goodness - last night at Shakira’s El Dorado world tour in Barcelona was absolutely AMAZING!!! It’s been a long and rather dramatic build up to the concert, with the stress and excitement of buying the tickets in Spanish under a 10 minute time limit with my mum over a year ago, to the worry when my brother broke his ankle a few weeks before the original concert, then the upset when Shakira postponed the tour after haemorrhaging her right vocal cord (mixed with a little relief that we didn’t need to get around Barcelona with James with a broken ankle, plus a fear that the concert would be rescheduled during my exams). Then came the relief when a month later she released that she was starting the European segment of her tour in June and the excitement of booking our family summer holiday around the concert…


Shakira El Dorado world tour


All this pre-Shakira drama was most definitely worth it! My dad and I have been huge Shakira fans for years and have always talked about seeing her someday, so it was wonderful for her to go on tour and for the dates to coincide so perfectly with summer holidays - a perfect excuse to explore Barcelona and see Shakira with the whole family too!


inside the arena


We had a chilled start to the day to ensure we weren’t exhausted before the show, then walked towards the Olympic Park late afternoon, stopping off in the Mercat de la Boqueria for an early dinner (the vegan mixed box of paella, rice, couscous, roasted vegetables, salad and a falafel pitta from Organic Barcelona was absolutely delicious!). It was a fairly long walk up an awful lot of steps, but made all the more enjoyable thanks to the Spanish man who commented “ahh Shakira Shakira” after seeing my outfit!


vegan paella, cous cous, rice, roasted vegetables, salad and a falafel pitta


The queues were huge outside the stadium, although they did move pretty quickly and were much better once inside - I hardly had to queue for merchandise at all and bought a tour t-shirt, crop top and the “hips don’t lie” shorts (a little indulgent, I know, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime to see Shakira in Barcelona after all!). For the concert I wore my white converse, my denim skirt from Topshop, a blue crochet halter top from my holidays last year and a bumbag from Urban Outfitters.


Shakira merchandise


Salva was brilliant as a support act before Shakira - he did an hours worth of DJing with a huge variety of songs both in Spanish and English (including one of my favourites: Cyprus’ Eurovision song, Fuego). Then came Shakira…






She was absolutely phenomenal! The set was fantastic and she performed all of my favourites too! She had an stunning selection of outfits and her dancing was amazing. My highlights have to be Suerte (aka Whenever, Wherever - she did a tonne of belly dancing to this and her costume was gorgeous!), the World Cup themed section (after all, who doesn’t love La La La and Waka Waka?!), and, of course, Hips Don’t Lie in the finale!



Although she spoke in Spanish, she still sang a few of the songs in English and it really made no difference to my love of the concert not fully understanding what she was saying - the atmosphere completely made up for it and it was just a brilliant night. Even better: on the way out of the concert my dad was able to get one of the set lists for the show - that’s getting framed in my room as soon as I’m home!



After the concert we had a 4 mile walk across Barcelona to our apartment - to get the metro would have saved very little time and would’ve been so busy it’d be more stress than it was worth. Benefit of walking back: we passed an ice cream shop where I was able to get some soothing passion fruit ice cream following a night of lots of singing (side note: it really is amazing how much vegan ice cream there is in Barcelona!). Safe to say I was completely exhausted by the time we got back to the apartment!


passion fruit ice cream


To sum it all up: SHAKIRA WAS AMAZING!!! The concert was everything I could have imagined it to be and it was definitely worth the wait. I loved every minute and I’d definitely see her again if she ever does another tour - fingers crossed…


Shakira finale


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! I’d love to hear about the best concert(s) you’ve ever been to or your thoughts on Shakira - just let me know in the comments. Have a great weekend!


Heather xoxo

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