Summer Shopping Spree(s)

As I’ve probably mentioned in a previous post, this summer I’m going away on a family holiday to Spain for two weeks and I’m super excited! Expect loads of blog posts and pictures in the next few weeks (provided I can get internet connection!)!

You’ll probably have figured out from this post that I love buying all sorts of clothes (particularly crop tops, as mentioned here!). Summer clothes are 100% my favourite, so I’ve been buying a fair bit on multiple shopping sprees lately and have probably been a little excessive with my recent purchases! Here’s a little peek at all of the stuff I’ve bought for summer…


slim tropical Havianas from Schuh

Slim Tropical Havianas: £19.99

I absolutely love wearing flip flops on holiday (despite the potentially annoying flappy sound every time you take a step)! The summery pattern on the bottom of these is quite bright and fun, but the base and strap colour is neutral enough that they should work with pretty much any clothes I choose to wear. I personally love the fit of Havianas and loads of them are in sale at the moment too!


ombre bikini set (top and bottoms) from Topshop

Ombre Bikini Set: £30

In summer, particularly if I’m going away somewhere sunnier than Glasgow (which really isn’t that hard to be honest!) I prefer wearing bikinis to one-piece swimsuits (although I was sorely tempted by a pineapple print one-piece here). As I recently had my hair dyed in an ombré/balayage style, I couldn’t resist this pink and purple ombré bikini to match! Even better - the top doesn’t have anything to tie at the neck or back (with a pretty strappy back instead) so there’s no hassle trying to awkwardly tie it up every time!

White Button Front Vest & Yellow Strappy Crop Top from Topshop

White Button Front Vest & Yellow Strappy Crop Top: £10

Simple strappy tops are always a favourite of mine, so these two were ideal for during the day in summer. I think the little buttons on the white vest are really cute too! My mum was absolutely horrified when I brought home the yellow crop top (she really dislikes the colour yellow!) but I thought I’d give it a try as I’ve never worn yellow before and I am hoping for a bit of a tan in the South of Spain! Topshop’s 2 for £10 deal on vests and crop tops is always a favourite of mine - a great excuse for more clothes!


White Tie-Back Open-Stitch Sweater from Hollister

White Tie-Back Open-Stitch Sweater: £29

This sweater still provides a bit of warmth whilst actually being quite summery! The subtle stars make it a little different and I think it’s perfect for throwing over a brightly coloured outfit or bikini.

Blue Tie Dye Smocked Ruffle Crop Tube Top from Hollister

Blue Tie Dye Smocked Ruffle Crop Tube Top: £11.40

I’d seen this top online and completely fell in love with it! I love the cloud like patterns and colours and I couldn’t resist it when I went in to the store! The purchase was even better as I hadn’t realised it was in the sale so, much to my surprise, I ended up saving £7.60 too!

Pink Distressed Crop Sweater from Hollister

Pink Distressed Crop Sweater: £29

Pink was always my favourite colour when I was little and even though I don’t love the colour quite in the way that I used to, the colour of this cropped sweater still grabbed my inner-child’s attention! Being cropped, ripped and brightly coloured makes this sweater wearable in summer (particularly in Glasgow) but I’m sure I’ll easily get use out of it in the colder seasons too!

Ripped Dark Wash Low Rise Denim Short-Shorts from Hollister

Ripped Dark Wash Low Rise Denim Short-Shorts: £14.50

I have way too many pairs of shorts that I don’t wear, yet I still decided to buy another pair! Personally, I need to have really short shorts (I’m just not a fan of longer shorts on me) so these were perfect for my style. They’re really comfortable and they were in the sale too!

River Island

V-Neck Vests in Khaki and Light Blue from River Islan

V-Neck Vests in Khaki and Light Blue: £10

These are very neutral and simple but I always find it useful to have a few basic vests. These are perhaps more boring than some of my other purchases, but I really like the neckline, muted colours and thick straps! The 2 for £10 deal on these was a bonus too! Unfortunately they’re no longer available, but you can buy scoop neck vests with the same deal here.

Brown Tortoise Steel Cat Eye Sunglasses from River Island

Brown Tortoise Steel Cat Eye Sunglasses: £10

Sunglasses are my favourite accessory in summer but I find them such a nightmare to buy! I think I must have tried on about every single pair in the shop before settling on these (sadly I’m just not sure that aviators suit my face shape). I love the cat eye effect with the chunky frame!

New Look

Bright Pink Lace Bralet, Blue Broderie Bralet Cami from New Look

Bright Pink Lace Bralet: £9.99, Blue Broderie Bralet Cami: £9.99

Another bright pink and pale blue addition to my wardrobe! These crop tops are a little more fancy than my usual, but I thought they’d be really good for the evening on holiday. I love the pretty patterns on the material!

Urban Outfitters

Pineapple Zip Card Holder Wallet from Urban Outfitters

Pineapple Zip Card Holder Wallet: £5

This purse is an ideal size and I think the pattern is really fun and colourful too! Plus, I FREAKING LOVE PINEAPPLES so I couldn’t possibly resist buying this (particularly when it was half price too!)!

So that’s everything I’ve bought for summer in the last month or so! I’m really pleased with everything so far and I just can’t wait to go away to Spain (not long to go now…)!


What have been some of your favourite buys this summer?