The Best High School Musical Song?

There's been quite a lot of drama lately about High School Musical. A fake trailer for High School Musical 4 (titled Once A Wildcat) was released a couple of days ago and everyone has been freaking out about it (including me!)! The trailer was brilliantly made - it's definitely worth checking out if you have the chance.



On top of that, all of the rehearsals for this year's school musical (School of Rock) are really starting to pick up as the show is only about 6 weeks away. Although the rehearsals are loads of fun, I think we all wish we were doing something we know better such as Grease or High School Musical instead!


Anyway, because there's been so much about High School Musical (and I'm still a huge fan of it!), I thought that, although it's extremely cheesy, it'd be fun to rank the songs from all three movies from worst to best! Let me know if you agree/disagree with my order in the comments!


High School Musical movie posters


* Just click the song title to be taken to a YouTube video of the scene with the song in the movie. The albums can also be found on iTunes.


32. Scream, HSM 3
31. We’re All In This Together (Graduation Mix), HSM 3
30. The Boys Are Back, HSM 3
29. Senior Year Spring Musical, HSM 3
28. Walk Away, HSM 3
27. What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise), HSM 1
26. When There Was Me And You, HSM 1
25. High School Musical, HSM 3
24. Right Here, Right Now, HSM 3
23. You Are The Music In Me (Sharpay Version), HSM 2
22. All For One, HSM 2
21. Now Or Never, HSM 3
20. Stick To The Status Quo, HSM 1
19. A Night To Remember, HSM 3
18. Breaking Free, HSM 1
17. Everyday, HSM 2
16. Start Of Something New, HSM 1
15. I Want It All, HSM 3
14. Get’cha Head In The Game, HSM 1
13. What Time Is It, HSM 2
12. Just Wanna Be With You, HSM 3
11. What I’ve Been Looking For, HSM 1
10. We’re All In This Together, HSM 1
9. You Are The Music In Me, HSM 2
8. Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, HSM 2
7. Bop To The Top, HSM 1
6. Fabulous, HSM 2
5. Can I Have This Dance, HSM 3
4. Gotta Go My Own Way, HSM 2
3. Work This Out, HSM 2
2. Bet On It, HSM 2
1. I Don’t Dance, HSM 2


As you can probably tell by how I’ve ranked the songs, High School Musical 2 is by far my favourite of the movies (I love the whole “fun in the sun” idea!)! Saying that, I do enjoy the others too - they were all a huge part of my childhood so I guess I’m pretty sentimental about them!


What do you think is the best High School Musical song?


The Best High School Musical Song? - Heather Rowland on  What's your favourite High School Musical song? Here are my thoughts...  Published 28th August 2017