The Best Movies to Watch this Christmas

With the cold days and long nights typical of December, one of my favourite ways to pass the time is watching movies. There are too many brilliant Christmas movies to count, but some of my favourite “Christmas” movies aren’t actually about Christmas at all - they’re just set in that time of year. So instead of just sharing my favourite movies about Christmas, I thought I’d include the ones that are simply just set at Christmas too!


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Bridget Jones's Diary

Who would you choose: Mr Darcy or Daniel Cleaver?

Die Hard

Bonus points if you can keep count of the number of times Bruce Willis swears.


If only we could live on the same food groups as Buddy the elf: “candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup!”

Iron Man 3

I absolutely loveeee all of the Marvel movies...

Mean Girls

Who could forget that iconic Jingle Bell Rock scene?!


The first movie is definitely worth a watch but I wouldn’t bother with the sequels (they’re awful!).


Regardless of the chaos they cause I still would love to have my very own adorable gremlin.

Love Actually

I shamelessly watch this movie all year round regardless of its Christmas theme (and I absolutely love Hugh Grant’s mini dance routine mentioned in this post too!).


It’s quite a random selection but I think these films are brilliant to enjoy over the Christmas period - it mixes the movie selections all up a bit too (instead of just being purely about Christmas) to keep things interesting. If you can think of any other Christmas films (particularly ones set at Christmas but not about Christmas) then I’d love to hear in the comments!


Heather xoxo

The Best Movies to Watch this Christmas -