The Pros and Cons of Spring

Is it just me or is anyone else feeling ridiculously happy that it’s finally officially Spring time?! Astronomically speaking, today is the “vernal equinox” (with “vernal” being Latin for “spring” and “equinox” translating to “equal night”). Basically it means that today we have equal amounts of daylight and darkness before day becomes longer than night in the Northern Hemisphere (and the opposite occurs in the Southern Hemisphere). This event is hugely celebrated by many different cultures around the world - check out this article for more information.


Anyway, last year I wrote about the pros and cons of Autumn, so I figured I’d do the same again but for Spring instead!


red tulips
baby daffodils
pink tulips




Beautiful cherry blossom trees, vibrant daffodils, colourful tulips… Some of my favourite flowers bloom in Spring and they make wandering through nature so much more enjoyable (plus they give some amazing photo opportunities).



I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I’m a huge lover of shorts, crop tops and denim jackets etc, so I love being able to wear brighter clothes without freezing to death.



It finally starts to get warmer and sunnier - yay! Personally, this is a huge mood booster for me and it makes going outside way more fun (and gives me way more fashion options as mentioned previously too!). Plus it means I can finally get back to running without fear of turning into block of ice or being completely soaked.



Two weeks of holiday at the start of April is great to relax after a typically no-holiday March, plus there are a few days off during May too, making school fly by before summer holidays at the end of June.


Study Leave

This basically ties in with my last point - five weeks off during the month of May for revision - sounds boring and stressful, but I actually love having more control over my own schedule and feel way more productive during study leave. Plus, my last exam is two weeks before the end of study leave this year, giving me loads of extra holiday time to just completely chill after exams!


Easter Chocolate

This one hardly even needs explanation - who doesn’t love indulging in cakes and chocolate over the holidays?! And trust me, it’s still possible to enjoy as a vegan. 


Baby Animals

There’s just something so adorable about seeing little lambs prancing about freely in fields (plus again, they make for an excellent photo opportunity!).


purple and orange tulips
cherry blossom




A pretty huge downside is exams. Easter holidays aren’t much of a holiday at all, coming just a couple of weeks before the start of exams. Plus the start of Spring is super busy with trying to cram in remaining coursework and finish assignments etc. I guess it is, however, a sign of the intense revision being nearly over for a few months of total freedom before it all kicks back in again…



This doesn’t affect all of us, but unluckily for me I’m stuck having daily hayfever tablets pretty much constantly throughout Spring and Summer - after all, I guess you can’t have all of those gorgeous flowers without some consequences.



As lovely as the weather often is, there’s also a high degree of unpredictability. One day it’s 20C and glorious sunshine, the next it’s 5C with pouring rain and howling winds - I guess that’s just life though.


pink tulips
field of tulips


So much like Autumn, Spring certainly has it’s benefits and drawbacks. You’ve probably guessed, however, that I’m a little biased as I’m huge fan of Spring and tend not to bother too much with the cons - I’d much rather just enjoy the beauty of the season as it builds up to my all-time favourite season: Summer!


I’d love to hear your thoughts on Spring and if you can think of any more pros and cons to add to my list then just let me know in the comments! Happy Spring!


Heather xoxo

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