Unicorns, Clean Bandit and Lots of Random Stuff

Once again, I’ve been super busy juggling life both in and out of school, so I thought I’d give you another little update of some of the different things I’ve been up to lately!


Halloween Party

One of my friends had a big party to celebrate Halloween and it ended up being a costume party… After having a minor panic about what to wear, I opted for using my new sparkly dress and going as a unicorn (one of my all time favourite creatures - did you know that the unicorn is actually known as the symbol of Scotland?!).

My glittery pink dress was from Urban Outfitters (I can't find the pink glitter version online, but you can get the same style in loads of different colours) and I bought the unicorn horn from Topshop. It originally had a veil at the back, but it was too much hassle so I just cut it off for ease (and I actually preferred it this way anyway!). I wore all my usual jewellery and had a little glittery make up on my face for extra sparkle.

The party itself was a tonne of fun chatting to loads of different people etc. It was definitely entertaining and eventful!

laura and ellie
euan, cara, naithan
nathan and the girls
unicorn glitter dress


Essays, Tests and Assignments

On top of trying to keep an active social life, I’ve been super busy with all of my school work - I’m sure everyone sitting their Highers relates to the same struggle! I’ve had assignments to finish, tests to prepare for and essays to write for my English portfolio. I’m definitely coping much better at balancing the workload, but I have been pretty emotional trying to write my personal reflective essay - it’s so tricky to try and incorporate description and reflection and creativity on a really personal topic. I am making progress though - nearly half way there now!


French Toast

What’s a weekend without a fancy breakfast?! I’ve shared this recipe here before, but this weekend’s treat was a recipe from Minimalist Baker for banana french toast. It’s really easy and so tasty - I’d never imagined I’d still be able to indulge in french toast as a vegan! Obviously it doesn’t have the same eggy taste and crispness as normal french toast, but I actually love the sweet banana flavour and the gooey texture. I topped with my usual fresh berries and maple syrup (it was scary how much maple syrup we actually got through as a family, but oh well!) - what a delicious breakfast!

french toast 2
french toast 1


Clean Bandit


My trip to the Barrowland Ballroom on Sunday night to see Clean Bandit start their new tour was absolutely amazing - best concert I’ve ever been to! The location itself was brilliant. It’s such a beautiful ballroom (the neon light’s outside are so bright and fun!), the acoustics sound fab and I love how it’s that bit smaller compared to other concert venues - I think it makes you feel so much closer to the artists.

Clean Bandit were amazing. I’ve always enjoyed listening to their singles but have never really listened to their album. Each individual player in the band were phenomenal - I found the complex layering of different rhythms so fascinating. And the singers were wonderful too, covering every song fantastically. My new favourite is Come Over (feat. Stylo G) - I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since the show!

In addition to the fab performance, they chucked out loads of glitter which I collected and am saving for no reason whatsoever, but why not?! And best of all - I managed to get one of the band’s set lists! It’s currently sitting in my room, ready to framed as soon as possible!

barrowland ballroom
clean bandit
pre show
clean bandit set list
clean bandit on stage


So yes, I’m busy as always and am having so much fun with everything I’ve got going on. Apologies for my less frequent posts, but I figure it’s more important to enjoy experiencing life than just spending all of my spare time documenting it. Hope you liked the mini-catch up!


Heather xoxo


What have you been up to lately?


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