Winter Photoshoots

Happy Friday everyone! I’m finally over halfway through my Higher prelims having just had my third exam, English, this morning - my right hand is supeer cramped up having been frantically scribbling answers and essays for three hours. Now it’s only 2 exams to go (Biology and Physics) until I have a few days of freedom at the end of study leave - yay! 


Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the beautiful photos my auntie, Jenny, took of me when she was up to visit over Christmas (check out her website for her photography business here) as a little reminder of more relaxing days. It was a tonne of fun messing around in front of the camera, despite being absolutely freezing in the photos (although it was definitely worth it). So here are my favourites...

photoshoot 1
photoshoot 2
photoshoot 3
photoshoot 4
photoshoot 5
photoshoot 6
photoshoot 7
photoshoot 8

Plus here are a couple of bonus sibling shots I had with James too...

sibling shots 1
sibling shots 2

I absolutely love the photos so a major thank you to Jenny! My clothes are a mixture of Urban Outfitters, Superdry and Hollister. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the pictures (and if you have any favourites then let me know too!). Have a great weekend!


Heather xoxo

Winter Photoshoots -